• Hi Dear,

  • I’m Juli Sudi, UI/UX designer doing mainly – but certainly not only – clean and responsive interfaces and websites. These are just my favorites.

My field

Web design

Interface design

Website building

Website design

CMS configuration

Visual design

My thing is to make it engaging on the maximum level

responsive webdesign

Intuitive layout

This is the Alpha and the Omega of the design process. Making an online product successful is making it as intuitive as possible. Hence, this is my ultimate goal.

Exact targeting

To achieve that, I need you to talk to me. It is crucial to understand the history of your business, your goal, your vision and your chosen audience.

Visual strategy

Contrary to the popular belief, design is not playing with colors and waiting for the kiss of the muse. It’s meticulous engineering based on user research and behavior science. As some wise fellow said once – "Design is business. Good design is good business."

What I have done so far with my mouse and my keyboard

About me in a nutshell in a small one

Web Designer Juli Sudi

I've started...

as a certified web designer and site builder back in 2011, along with some post grad education in color dynamics engineering. That was enough to kickstart me to build a nice portfolio and receive a few appreciation from the community.


in the last year I’ve received inquiries mostly for user interface designs, which has given me a new direction and a new passion.

My skills & tools

  • UI conceptUI concept
  • UX researchUX research
  • Visual strategyVisual strategy
  • WireframingWireframing
  • Responsive designResponsive design
  • Live mock-upLive mock-up
  • Target researchTarget research
  • Usability testingUsability testing
  • Atomic designAtomic design
  • Seo awarenessSEO awareness
  • AxureAxure
  • PhotoshopPhotoshop CC
  • Html5HTML5
  • Css3CSS3
  • WordPressWordPress
  • JoomlaJoomla

You can contact me heremessages are welcomed


Thank you! I will answer you shortly!

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Get in touch

I'm currently located in London and working as a part of an enthusiastic development team. If you have any question or comment on my works, feel free to drop me a line.

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