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Why Do Gay Men Sound Different

by Megan Forster
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Why Do Gay Men Sound Different

Why Do Gay Men Sound Different

What’s more, the researchers found that these voices were also associated with a greater self-perception of sounding gay. In other words – when people think their voice sounds like it could be gender specific (i e: male), they expect rejection from others who don’t share this opinion; but if you sound too much like one sex or another then everyone will hate on us!

Do I Sound Gay?

In a world where people are often judged by their appearance, it can be difficult to know if you sound like the person your talking too. This film takes an exploration into what gay men sounds like and why they fit into stereotypes in order for them not only understand but also feel more comfortable with themselves.

The Do I Sound Gay? documentary shows how conforming or Non-conformity plays integral role when comes down towards ones self image; whether its being More Male Than Female (asm withdraw) which could lead someone toward Heterosexism.

Why Do Gay Guys Talk With A Lisp

The researchers found that men who believe they sound gay anticipate stigma and are more vigilant regarding the reactions of others.

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