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Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

by Megan Forster
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Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

The act of submitting to one’s partner can be an empowering experience for some women, who feel that it releases them from any guilt or responsibility. In a way they are free-assing without having control over what happens next and just enjoy the ride because deep down inside all women want someone else making these decisions on behalf if us!

Do Women Like To Be Spanked

It turns out that women all over the world have a lot in common when it comes to what they enjoy during sex. A recent study surveyed 1,500 ladies and found more than 95% agreed with these statements: -87 percent wished their partner would spend time orally exploring them; -84 per cent said this is an important part of foreplay for him or her . whopping 93%.

Why Do I Like Being Spanked Psychology

Some people enjoy being spanked because it releases dopamine. But why specifically do we like to get our deserved punishment? The answer lies in the complex reasoning process, which cannot be traced back directly as its source or traceability is lost upon entry into your brain’s reward system—and then again maybe there just isn’t any single answer at all!

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